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I dabbed back in '99 before it was cool

[ OLD ACCOUNT Pikazxyz101 ]

Call me Dan or Daps, it's up to you. Future ATR and CSCS. I love to dance. I never sleep. I'm single and would like a boyfriend but will accept snakes are emotionally companions for now. I do a lot of roleplay groups and most my art will be for that. I'll rarely upload things that are just...original art, but I do have them. I enjoy mixed media and ceramics but mostly stick to traditional/digital art since it is the most readily available.
Feel free to follow me on social media. I'm danmnit on Instagram.

Groups I am in [Most active to least active]

:iconharvest-lunatone: - Active :: Joe

:iconage-of-x: - Active :: Sid

:iconpoke-life: - Dormant :: Jordan

:iconmaikai-alola: Not Active :: Roxie

:iconsouldewvalley: - Not Active :: Edgar

:icondawsbury: - Trying to be Active :: Riley & Ivan

currently looking at--

:iconhyrule-high: Interested :: Have looked over the journals

:iconpmdunity: Have Joined Before/Interested :: waiting for admins to come back

:icontalesoftabira: Interested :: it's a lot like PMDUnity but active lmao?

:iconamitysquare: Interested-ish :: Looks fun

:iconindieville: interested RIP my ass


I was back a while ago but I've been busy-- life is hectic. I don't really know what to do. I'm not sleeping or eating or exercising.... It's been rough. Hopefully things will sort out soon.
feeling overwhelmed but optimistic about how things will go. Could benefit from just an hour of thinking. so busy now that I can't really have time for it.

just breathe
morale is super low and my closest friends on campus are going out drinking but im too busy (not like I want to go anyway, I p much hate alcohol and drunk people) and im just here alone trying to get a ton of work done and all my best friends are scattered through the US and I wish they were here because I just need someone-- ughh i feel like a zombie
it's moments like these im glad i have puns
[11:27:45 PM] Daps: are u in California rn
[11:27:56 PM] The Biggest Onion: Nah in utah
[11:28:04 PM] Daps: why the hell are you in utah
[11:28:09 PM] Daps: is that mountain time?
[11:29:02 PM] The Biggest Onion: Yeah for vacation
[11:29:18 PM] Daps: oooo with the fam--whatre you doing int eh middle of nowhere
[11:29:32 PM] The Biggest Onion: Looking at rocks yo
[11:30:57 PM] Daps: sounds rough
but I guess you can't take a vacation for granite
[11:32:02 PM] Daps: are you climbing mountains?  being in the army i bet climbing a mountain is no more a boulder task
[11:32:31 PM] The Biggest Onion: I will throw a rock at you
[11:32:47 PM] Daps: I hope your opinions of Utah aren't set in stone cuz i bet there is more to the state than it's rocky reviews
[11:33:19 PM] Daps: torion used rock throw
[11:33:24 PM] Daps: it was super effective


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Hi there! I haven't seen you in years! Probably not since like..2013? Wow
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Thanks for the fave!
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Daps101 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
ohmygod I thought you DIED wtf where did you go i miss you omg I remember rping with you for ages RIP

I am super busy but this comment made my day omg how are you??? add me on skype??
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